Bulut Bilişim ve Büyük Veri Laboratuvarı Çalıştayı 2014 Sunumlar

CERN is the European Centre for Particle Physics based in Geneva. The home of the Large Hadron Collider and the birth place of the world wide web is expanding its computing resources with a second data centre to process over 35PB/year from one of the largest scientific experiments ever constructed. Within the constraints of fixed budget and manpower, agile computing techniques and common open source tools are being adopted to support over 11,000 physicists in their search for how the universe works and what it is made of. By challenging special requirements and understanding how other large computing infrastructures are built, we have deployed a 50,000 core cloud based infrastructure building on tools such as Puppet, OpenStack and Kibana. This talk will cover the requirements, tools selected, results achieved so far and the outlook for the future.

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Cloud computing promises cost-effective and efficient (large scale) usage of storage and computing resources. However, a serious concern about cloud computing is the protection of clients’ data and computations against various attacks from outsiders as well as from insiders (e.g., the cloud administrators). Particularly the latter requires a high level of trust in the cloud provider, since the cloud provider is able to access all cryptographic keys stored in images of its clients. On the other hand, cloud clients are rather limited in implementing, deploying and controlling their own security and privacy measures in the cloud. This challenge has motivated many researchers to investigate a variety of security aspects in cloud computing in the recent years. In this talk, we briefly consider selected topics in cloud security, and discuss possible security architectures and technologies that, under reasonable assumptions, enable the cloud clients to be in control of the provisioning and usage of their credentials and cryptographic primitives in the cloud.

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